About Berkshire Amistad

Eddie O'Toole in HondurasEddie O’Toole has been working for Honduras for the last 35 years since being a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1979. He and his family lived in Guaimaca, Honduras for 13 years, working with the community and building an educational center that continues to provide library services and classes in many different areas. Eddie is excited to announce the merger of his organization with a non-profit corporation based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Berkshire Amistad (friendship) is an organization set up in the late 70’s to work with the people in Malpaissillo, Nicaragua and has a sister city relationship with that city and Pittsfield, Massachusetts. As executive director of Berkshire Amistad, Eddie will oversee work in three different communities; Malpaisillo, Nicaragua, Guaimaca and Intibuca/La Esperanza Honduras.

preparing medical, dental, carpentry shipments for Honduras

Currently the organization is preparing two shipments for Honduras, one for Guaimaca including mechanical equipment and supplies, carpentry equipment and supplies and dental equipment with supplies to prepare for classes in all these areas starting with the new school year in February of 2015. The group will then prepare a medical equipment shipment for the hospital and musical instruments for the Tanglewood Del Sur project started two years ago when a shipment of 300 theater chairs was sent to the high school there.

Ask you can imagine to do all this work requires donations. Eddie and Berkshire Amistad work as volunteers. 100% of all the donations have gone directly into the work of these groups. Please sign up for our newsletter which will describe all this work and how you can become involved in greater detail. If you any questions or suggestions please contact Eddie at berkshireamistad@gmail.com or at home, 413-344-4027.