eddieotoole.org is a web site designed to display the work of Eddie O’Toole and his friends in Honduras. By shipping equipment and supplies destined for landfills, in 40 ft. containers that bring us our bananas, Eddie and his friends, help our environment while helping Honduras. Feel free to e-mail me at eddie56@gmail.com. Here is the Centro Capcitacion Nueva Esperanza, New Hope Training Center, main building, main room, classroom side of building:
CCNE- main room

former peace corps volunteers

Eddie, his wife Kelley, both former peace corps volunteers and their daughter Sonrisa, drove a retired school bus loaded with tools and equipment to Guaimaca, Honduras in 1996. The plan was to live and teach in Guaimaca for five years. Five, turned into thirteen, and besides leaving behind many very good friends, the O’Toole’s left a small piece of property in the barrio of Nueva Esperanza,Guaimaca, with a library and a larger building with classroom and shop space for technical classes. Recognized by the Honduran government as a non- profit organisation in 2004, the Centro Capacitacion Nueva Esperanza, has made major donations to communities all around Honduras.

The following is an outline of our work in Honduras. As time goes on, I will write more about each item, but for now, enjoy the site, if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at eddie56@gmail.com.

Centro de Capacitación Nueva Esperanza

  • library
  • ed. center- school table and chair factory
  • community support
    • schools
    • health centers
    • soccer teams
    • local water system
    • rehabilitation center

Green Cross Honduras

La Esperanza Intibuca

  • Tanglwood del Sur
  • Hospital Support
  • School District Support
  • Pueblo Viejo Vocation School

Other projects

  • Family Gardening Course
  • Lawn mower wheelchairs
  • Basketball wheelchairs
  • Sewing instruction
  • Cancer camara

Next Trip

February 5 thru February 26, 2013. Trip will be in two parts. Flying into Tegucigalpa on the 5th we will be in Guaimaca and the Montana de la Flor until the 13th. From tegucigalpa on the 13th, we will go to La Esperanza Intibuca and while there, visit Pueblo Viejo. From there we will head to Puerto Cortez for a few quiet days on the beach and fly out of San Pedro Sula February 26th.


Currently- we have collected equipment and supplies to fill another 40ft container. Doors and lighting for the Tolupan Indian Hospital, carpentry equipment and tools for CCNE’s school table and chair program, and at least two ambulance reconstruction powertrains. Now I need to raise the money to ship all this to Guaimaca.
September 3rd,2013- We shipped a 40ft container that brought bananas up to Watertown, New York, and then on the way back to Delaware and then Honduras, gave us time to pack 300 theater chairs, 6 hospital beds, 2 dental chairs, 3 dental x-ray units, 15 white boards and much much more, eliminating all air space and then delivered that container to the school district of La Esperanza Intibuca.

We are Always Looking For

We are Always Looking For wheelchairs, doctor’s office furniture and equipment, crutches, books in spanish, laptop computers, American Airline’s travel points, school busses (not more than 10yrs. old), Fire Engines(pumpers), ambulances(pre-1990), or any good 1980-1989 Ford pickup with 7.3 diesel engine.

Most importantly, what we need to do this work is your financial help. 100% of your donation goes directly into making this all happen. If you would like your donation to be spent on any one of these areas in particular, please let me know